For those of you who are sick and tired of the people on the Glee Wiki using their favorite characters to bash ours, and shoving their hateful opinions down peoples throats both on chat and on the wiki, this blog is a safe haven for you all. Why should we have to sit there and hear Glee hate-watchers talk about how terribly written each character and storyline is? Now while we understand how everyone has their own opinion, bashing should NOT be allowed on the wiki. It ruins the show for those of us who actually ENJOY watching Glee and actually think each character is decent in some capacity. Saying "X character sucks" was never allowed on the wiki before the current admins took over. This team is for anyone who is sick of all the injustice on the wiki.


1) DoubleDdog09
2) KurtsieGirlForever2
3) Unicornianleague
4) Tikeamazing
5) riseAgainsT
6) Smoothsister
7) Ilovesebastiansmythe
8) ClevanOTP 9) DiannaAgron xo

Feel free to post your own feelings about how other people in chat are making you feel when they slander your favorite character or ship, or get down on you for liking it.

  • DISCLAIMER: This is NOT in any way a blog to get any Glee Wiki users who like to bash characters banned or demoted. This is, if anything, a petition for the rules to change.