Blaine Anderson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: 1994
Height: 5'8
Aliases: Blainey Days (Tina)

Shaven Tom Selecck, Tiny Sal Mineo, Young Burt Reynolds (Sue) Blaine Warbler (Brittany) Blaine Warbler, The love of my life, my ex, my husband, my boyfriend (Kurt)

Family & Friends
Relationships: Kurt Hummel (Husband)
Sebastian Smythe (former-crusher)
Rachel berry (kissed, one date) Eli C. (hook-up)

Sam Evans (former crush)

Sexuality: Gay
Friends: Sam Evans, Tina Cohen-Chang, Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Sebastian Smythe, Will Schuester, Finn Hudson
Enemies: Hunter Clarington
Sue Sylvester
Other Information
Interests: Theatre, Music; Singing, Dancing, Playing instruments, Playing Operation,
Clique: The Dalton Academy Warblers (Former), The New Directions (Former) Student Council (Former)
Education: Dalton Academy (former)
William McKinley High (current)
Talent: Singing, Dancing, and Playing Instruments
Vulnerabilities: Homophobia
Strengths: Driven, Ambitious, Intelligent, Confident, and Resilient
Weaknesses: Homophobia, Emotional Pain
Series Information
First appearance: Never Been Kissed
Portrayer: Darren Criss

Blaine Anderson is a character in Glee. He is a former member of the Dalton Academy Warblers who transferred to William McKinley High School to be with the one he loves, Kurt, as of Season 3 and is currently a member of New Directions. Blaine is openly gay, and in a relationship with Kurt Hummel.

Blaine is portrayed by Darren Criss.


 Blaine was first introduced in the Episode "Never Been Kissed" and acted as a mentor for Kurt Hummel to help him persevere through the torment he was constantly subjected to. It wasn't until "Original Songs" that he became a love interest for Kurt. At the beginning of his sophomore year he transferred to McKinley High to be with Kurt. After transferring and joining the New Directions he had conflict with Finn Hudson who was intimidated by his talent. He also almost got into a fight with Sam Evans in "Hold on to Sixteen." It was also in that episode that him and Finn became friends. In season four Kurt had left Lima for New York after Blaine encouraged him to do so. However their lives soon became very separate which was difficult for Blaine to cope with. So he cheated on Kurt with a guy named Eli and told Kurt soon after. This led to their breakup. Throughout season four he struggled with self-hatred and not feeling as though he fit in with the New Directions. He considered going back to Dalton Academy before Sam convinced him otherwise. Soon Sam became his best friend and love interest. Sam didn't like him back because he was straight and dating Brittany at the time, but he still ended up being Blaine's best friend. Blaine was also crushed on by Tina Cohen-Chang so much so that she rubbed vapor rub on his chest while he was asleep. At the Sadie Hawkins dance they almost kissed until Blaine was whisked away by Sam. Later in the season Kurt and Blaine made out in a car at Mr.Schue's wedding and hooked-up later that night. This led to them getting back together and getting engaged to one another. Their relationship suffered problems throughout season six as Blaine struggled with being honest. Some time between season five and six they broke up. Blaine returned to Lima and began coaching the Warblers and dating Dave Karofsky, Kurt's former bully. Their relationship soon ended after Kurt's return to Lima to win Blaine back. They got back together in "A Wedding" and soon after got married in the same episode.